#BanBossyParody (Humorous Jab at Hypersensitive Feminists)

Check out this humorous parody put together by conservatives poking fun at the "Ban Bossy" campaign started by Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, featuring Beyonce, Jennifer Garner and other hypersensitive feminists. These women want to ban mean words like "bossy" in order to help girls feel better. Another meaningless campaign full of symbolism over substance.

 Watch the fun parody here. if you like it, share it!

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Fight back against discrimination at Mozilla’

Brendan Eich, co-founder and chief executive of Mozilla, the Firefox web browser, resigned on Thursday after being pressured from gay employees and board members over his $1,000 personal donation in support of California’s traditional marriage initiative (Prop 8) six years ago.

Black Conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND) through an email on Saturday said that the intolerant left is targeting conservatives in an attempt to silence and drive them out of business, or ruin their careers such as in the case of CEO Brendan Eich. Read more 

Black Conservative to Dennis Miller: Blacks Being Miseducated About America

Dennis Miller and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson discussed how to help rebuild men and families and addressed the crisis in public education on a recent episode of "The Dennis Miller Show."
During this candid interview, Rev. Peterson was able to talk about the  BOND ACADEMY school for boys & girls grades 1-12, launched last September.
"We're bringing prayer and understanding of the U.S. Constitution back into the classroom and helping these boys and girls build a solid foundation that will serve them well in life," said Rev. Peterson. Check out this very candid and honest discussion with Dennis Miller here  Donate to the BOND ACADEMY here

Why Does It Take a Lifetime to Build Character and Only a Moment to Fall Away?

Sunday Service Webcast 04/13/14

This Year's Theme: Building Your House On A Solid Foundation - Matt 7:24-29

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Change The Future? We're Doing It!
By Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

change ahead signIs it possible to change our future? I say it's not only possible, it's a necessity! Look around! Let me explain what we're doing right now to change the future... 

You're probably aware that we've started our BOND Leadership Academy. This school has the potential to indeed change our destiny, by building our next generation of bright, moral, capable leaders.

How are we doing this? READ MORE

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Over the past 23 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been on various radio networks and have worked with some very good, God- fearing people. Although, I am grateful for the opportunity and the experience, the format was limiting—and didn’t allow us to get the Truth out in a bold and fearless way.

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