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Men Have A Right to Defend Themselves
March 13, 2012 ~ 19 comments

Reports of women violently attacking men are on the increase. It's time for men to start defending themselves. 

A video of a recent attack on Boston's Red Line has become a You Tube sensation: A woman yelled and cursed at a man, according to a witness who posted the video, because he "brushed up against her dog when going to sit down." 

The woman then went further, repeadedly punching him in the head. The man made no move to defend himself, other than covering up with his hands.

This response (or lack of response) is becoming all too common. And it needs to stop. If it is not dealt with, it will get worse.

Simply put, men have the right to defend themselves, just as women do. I'm calling for the end of "one-sided defense."

Here's a video and news commentary about the incident.

The woman has since turned herself in, and made an apology, while also excusing her behavior.

The male victim at first declined to press charges against the woman, but has now said he will co-operate with police investigators, which is a step in the right direction.

Men have long been taught "never to hit a woman", which has only brought out the worst in women. This idea, combined with a fear many men have of women, has caused them to refrain from defending themselves in almost any cirmcumstance. While I certainly do not sanction men attacking women, neither is it right for men to allow themselves to be beaten by a woman.

It's time for men to re-assert their right to self defense.

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Author: Lena - March 14, 2012
I agree with this article, if a man is being physically mistreated by a woman he should by all means have every right to defending himself with equal force.
Author: Skeet Savage - March 23, 2012
My Brother,

I am a long-time follower of your ministry and have prayed often that our God will find every reason to bless all that you do in His Name.

However, as one who, along with her six children, barely survived (only by the grace of God) many years of violent abuse at the hands of an angry, bullying and brutal husband/father, I must tell you that, in reading this article, I felt no small sense of alarm on reading your comment: "Men have long been taught 'never to hit a woman', which has only brought out the worst in women." I can assure you that it is not violence against women that brings out the "best" in them -- nor is a lack of violence against women responsible for bringing out "the worst" in women.

I definitely agree with the premise of your article -- men AND women should have a right to defend themselves against any form of aggression or violence. NO ONE (male or female) should have to suffer a beating at the hands of another (male or female) for any reason.

Jesse, I am hoping that your statement was merely an unfortunate choice of words, and is not truly reflective of your personal beliefs or practice. Perhaps you could clarify your statement?

Your Sister, the Lord's servant,

~Skeet Savage

Senior Editor

Wisdom's Gate Ministries
Author: E - May 8, 2012
Jesse, you are a coward. If a man resorts to anything more than non-violent, non-painful restraint as his act of "self defense," then he too is a coward. There is a large gulf between attacking a woman and allowing oneself to be beaten. Your portrayal of this false dichotomy is at best foolish and at worst, (and judging from the self-serving nature of much of your other material, more likely) evil.

Shame on you.
Author: Anonymous - May 24, 2012
Jesse, you are but a vestige of what you once where. Now you decay and simmer in you ignorant unchanging backward views. See that that u think something is true does not make it so. RIP Jesse's brain plasticity.
Author: Edward - May 24, 2012
Jesse, you are one of the dumbest and dumbest sounding people I have ever had the misfortune to come across. I personally have never met a woman equaling or exceeding your stupidity.
Author: A.Tair - May 26, 2012
Sir, you are an abomination. A disgrace and an embarassment to the entire world and its progress, thus far. Your ideas are ludcrious. Your anti-femministic views and 'arguments' are pathetic, for they are completely vacant and insubstantial. And your entire demenor is hateful, biggoted and backward. You are a savage in every possible respect. I could not even call you a pseudo-intellectual because you do not possess the attributes of one.

My advice to you is - go back to school. Learn to speak properly. Adjust your view points; and, most importantly - stop hiding behind your false idea of a deity. Your speechess and actions are completely pointless, backed by no evidence what-so-ever, and are hugely-entertaining in that they do not contribute, in any possible sense, to gender equality or anything of the sort. In fact, your stance is anti-freedom to the degree of lunacy. Go back to the cave whence you came and stay there for the remainder of your wasted life. Good day.
Author: Raynold - May 30, 2012
Well sir, what if I replace the word "woman" with the words "black person"? Would that make your argument sound familiar to your ears?

If you can read, I encourage you to open up a little book called The Clansman, by Thomas Dixon Jr. In my opinion, the most relevant theme of the book for you would be the portrayal of black men as violent and unintelligent.

I may be getting ahead of myself here, but to me, the irony of your words are priceless. I only hope that you don't call for the lynching of women.
Author: Mrs. S - August 9, 2012
Whats wrong with people ?
He said nothing wrong. He's right.(jesse) People have a right to defend themselves. Man or woman.
Dont hit me and I wont hit you back.
I would have pounded her if I was a guy, but thats me. But at the very least he had the right to strike back once she assaulted him.
What if he had a medical condition and it caused him to die? then what? NO ONE has the right to hit you
Author: cheree - September 15, 2012
Jesse, it's true people in general should defened theirselves for cruel acts toward them. As for some of the people that commented on this issue. they seem to be violante people who don't have light within them , so they make comments so to offend people and cause cruel acts .
Author: Brigadon - October 29, 2012
I love the way people leap to defend this woman as if she had some right to attack him. I couldn't have come up with a better joke if I tried. Personally, as she was the attacker, she should have been beaten far worse than he was... we cannot encourage people to attack others, and 'an eye for an eye' or equal beating gives people the impression that there is no punitive response for instigation... plucking out the attacker's eye will not give the victim their eye back.
Author: Lona - July 14, 2013
I grew up with six brothers. The rule was you act like a man, you get treated like a man. I didn't hit them and they didn't hit me (except in playing). I kept that philosophy through my whole life. I don't hit nor verbally abuse anyone and I haven't put up with them doing it to me. Others may need to learn that lesson.
Author: Speechless - July 18, 2013
This man Jesse is no Rev. He does not speak like one. He does not behave live one. He certainly does not think like one. I'm in shock at his remarks about the Trevon matter. Trevon is dead, but his parents are alive and endured more than any parent should endure. As a "So Called" Reverend, you should know that God says careful how you judge and that you will be held accountable for the words you use. Where is the God in You? You are an abomination to not only the "African American" race, but to the human race. You speak of hypocrisy and division, yet you are the Main mouthpiece of division. Whatever happened to respect for authority and leaders...oh I guess you didn't know that's biblical too....I'm speaking of how you speak about "OUR" President. So, please don't call yourself a Reverend, because the reverends I know speak with love, discipline, and self-control. Furthermore, whatever happened to hate the sin and love the person. You have completely lost it and personally, I wouldn't invite you to speak anywhere except for maybe at an asylum because you speak like someone CRAZY! God help you Sir! You are not a healer. You cause a lot of Pain with your MOUTH. Stop disgracing yourself, and the NAME OF CHRIST.
Author: phunmy - July 18, 2013
Well jesse, after watching u on CNN, I just had to know more about u, I wasn't disappointed, how in the world did u become a man of God? Well you really think you are on truth, but you forgot what the bible said, search out all things and hold on to that which is truth.You take assumptions and run with it. Really? DID CHRIST EVER DISCRIMINATE.JESUS LOVES US ALL. THUG AND BIGOTS.sir go back to Calvary, and learn what your calling is truly about.may the Lord have mercy on you.
Author: JAY HUNT - July 18, 2013
Peterson, YOU are 1000% the biggest uncletom, black racist,COWARD, & repulican a** kisser in AMERICA.To disrespect a dead child "TRAYVON MARTIN" and his PARENTS,peterson "YOU ARE A TOTAL DISGRACE TO THE ENTIRE BLACK RACE" I lost a cousin because of racist bullying in CHICAGO whom was a honor student and black because people felt she didn't belong, and you have the nerve to blame TRAYVON MARTIN, you're a true "house n*g*ER" & anyone who follws you, your so called congragation,foundation,or annything about yo is a DISGRACE ALSO,YOU should be STRIPPED of your REV. TITLE you "DO NOT deserve that the way what GOD do you really serve? Sounds like the one wearing the white sheets and funny hats. You speak about blacks like you're a slavemaster or maybe you still have a house n*g*er mind frame wake-up uncletom, if blacks did go back to the plantation you would be the first to get whipped & hung...[PATHETIC RACIST COWARD]
Author: John - July 18, 2013
Rev Peterson your comments on CNN was ridiculous. You demonstrated no respect for the other quests, and you are a poor example of a leader of God's people. I'll be praying for you. Be blessed, if you're going to be a representative of God, then do it in a Godly manner. The world is always watching us, your actions tonight was anything but Godly.
Author: God's believer - July 18, 2013
I'm so hurt and disappointed in your CNN interview. I'll be praying for you because you are not a voice of God to talk so badly about his children dispite their faults. Jesus rebuked his Deciples for dispelling His children despite their races and now you have turned hundred of people that followed you away by your unchristian tone and insult to God's children who are the same race as you. You're interview was confusing and seems less articulate than Rachael whom you put down. Remember Trayvon and Rachael are both children of our Almighty God. I will not follow you as many others wont either from this day forth and will pray for you. Jesus said beware of those that come in sheep clothing and false prophets. I just saw one. I'll keep praying for you. NEVER go on news interview again. You didn't look good and not good for bringing lost souls to Christ. Thank God for my faith in Him and not fault prophets. God bless..
Author: Rick Smith - July 19, 2013
I pray that "rev" Jesse will see the light! His ignorance is evident every time he opens his mouth! He was an embarrassment on Piers Morgan's Show!
Author: L. Moseley - July 19, 2013
As men, we don't have the right to defend ourselves against an attacking woman. If we as men have the right to defend ourselves, then why would we get arrested and jailed for 48 hours because we defended ourselves when the woman attacked us? This is never going to change! If my wife slaps me first and I slap her back, all she has to do is call the local law enforcement agency and I am jailed for 48 hours. Rev. Peterson, it's easy to say, but the laws will never change!
Author: styopos - July 19, 2013
The Rev is black america Rush L. If you were to check his educational backgtound
his hobby would read "spiritual pimp." He will be punished by the hands of GOD.
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