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Eagle Forum of California, State Conference 2012
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Jesse Lee was the keynote speaker at this event, where he received a standing ovation after delivering his message to Eagle Forum Chapter leaders and members and others from all over California. To his surprise, following his speech to a standing ovation he was presented with a plaque "The Soaring Eagle Award - 2012". On the plaque it read "To Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson for Standing Strong for God, Family and Country. From State President Orlean Koehle, and
National President, Phyllis Sclafly". 
What an honor!

Tax Day Rally, California State Capitol Building (April 14, 2012)
Jesse L. Peterson received the only standing ovation and was told it was a first. We were told there wasn't a dry eye in the place and received calls of the personal deep impact his speech related to them and their families. "I can't thank you enough for attending our rally and making it the most powerful ever. Your message hit the heart and soul of every American. I am proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with you."  G.R. NorCal Tea Party

Woodland Hills Republican Women Federated, April 12, 2012
Jesse Lee spoke and brought a message of courage and inspiration to the women in attendance. He continues to enlighten conservatives on the how to of standing up for their beliefs and views against the onslaught of false racial accusations for simply expressing their different views for the course of America! They expressed that they seldom get standing ovations, but he got one and more people showed up then have in a long, long time!

San Fernando Valley Republican Club, April 3, 2012
Jesse Lee said he had a hootenanny of a time giving the keynote speech at this event. Tons of good energy and good people who want to do the right thing and want to save America!

Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally (Downtown, Los Angeles) March 23, 2012
Rev. Jesse Peterson gave an inspiring speech and witness at this rally. C.M. montrose, CA
This rally was held in over 400 locations across the entire United States against the Obama Health attack on religion with it's mandate that the Catholic Religion participate in paying for abortions, contracteptions and other such things that are against their religion. Many different religions participated.

U.S. Constitution & Freedom Rally (FL) March 17, 2012
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Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson was honored to be of service to our military by having the opportunity to speak and participate at this event. He gave the invocation, he gave a speech and he introduced the honorable Governor Rick Scott. Rev. Peterson said he was truly inspired to hear speeches by and meet the Navy SEALs, the US Special Forces/CIA Operators and their families. He stated that our military veterans expressed love for the constitution, they love America and that not one of them said they would not go back. He said he was riveted and could not leave his seat. This was a fundraiser for America's wounded warriors. Sponsored by The Rogue Patriot

Yuba Sutter Tea Party Patriots  (CA) - March 8, 2012Last month, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson had the pleasure of speaking to the Yuba Sutter Tea Party Patriots in Northern California's Central Valley (near Sacramento) where he received the "You've Got Spine" award. The steel spine was handmade for Rev. Peterson by Craig Christensen, head of the Yuba Sutter Tea Party Patriots, as a recognition of Jesse Peterson's "steel spine of courage." This is only one of two awards made. Thank you to Craig and the Yuba Sutter Tea Party Patriots. This unique award is being proudly displayed at the BOND Action headquarters.

California Tea Party Strategic Conference (San Juan Capistrano, CA) - March 3, 2012
"Your 'talk' was inspirational and educational! I can tell people about racism and their misguided fear about it but nothing hits home like the Rev speaking about it. And we all got to see how he handles problems when we had protesters. He just smiled and dept going, it was fantastic!"         D. Wildman, San Diego, CA

American Freedom Alliance (AFA) (CA) - February 16, 2012
Jesse Lee Peterson brought the message regarding "Have Black Leaders in the U.S. Failed the Black Community?", participating on a panel with Joe Hicks, radio announcer and author and Avi Davis moderator and chapter president of AFA. This event was part of the AFA'Lecture and Conference Series', addressing current issues.

Riverside Republican Women Federated (CA) - January 20, 2012
Jesse Lee carried his message of "Stop Obama's Socialist Change"
to this group of dedicated, activist
Republican women at the beautiful Victoria Club in Riverside, California!  Jesse Peterson is in the 3rd year of his "Stop Obama's Socialist Change" Nationwide Speaking Tour!

Eagle Forum of California/Long Beach Chapter (CA) - February 2, 2012
Jesse Peterson had the honor of once again being invited to speak to the Eagle Forum, Founded by the great conservative activist; Phyllis Schlafly in 1972.  Jesse Lee will be one of the

keynote speakers at the upcoming California Eagle Forum State Conference this April, in our state capital of Sacramento. There he will join many other staunch conservatives, including Phyllis Schlafly

Santa Monica Tea Party  (CA) - November 13, 2011
S.M. Testimonial: "The event was excellent. He gave us a fascinating look at what leaders on the left are doing to maintain their stranglehold on the black vote, while sharing with us the process which brought him to the political mindset he is at today.   Mel F. -Santa Monica Tea Party & Pacific Palisades Republican Party

Hancock Park Patriots Tea Party (CA) - September 21, 2011
Testimonial: "...Wow! His message of not being afraid to tell the truth, even if you know people will call you racist...just words that have no power over us if we don't let them have any power. Our members were really inspired...I highly recommend that you have Rev. Jesse Peterson speak at all of the tea party groups. His message is one that needs to be heard by all people who identify with the tea party movement...his ideas in action will help us fight the fabicated racism charge". Mark C.-City Coordinator

Compass Ministries - Steeling the Mind - Bible Conference
Denver, Colorado - September 17, 2011
Rev. Peterson received the only standing ovation of the night out of 9 speakers! He received powerful testimonies following his speech, including one in which an entire family spoke with him, the mother, while shedding tears of revelation expressed how she now, finally received understanding of the problems that long existed in her family and now had the why and the how, to make the necessary changes to save her family.

South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (SPARC)
Annual Picnic Rally, San Jose, CA - August 21, 2011
To a now standard - standing ovation crowd (smile), Jesse told the Northern California crowd how they can help to "Stop Obama's Socialist Change" agenda! As he spreads his message, more people are waking up and gaining the courage and know how on how to fight the good fight.

Think Red Ink Ministries - "Surviving The End - Last Things Conference"
Amarillo, TX, July 31, 2011

Rev. Jesse Peterson showed the people in attendance, (some who drove 2 hours to hear him) how to forgive and overcome anger. He gave a profound message interwoven with bits of humor. A group also came out to participate in his live audience-in studio interview on their local radio show that day.


Porterville Tea Party Patriots
4th of July - Independence Day Rally
Rev. Peterson was honored to celebrate and give the keynote speech on our nation's 4th of July!!! As he often says, 'He's black as the Ace of Spades, but 100% American!  Jesse Lee Peterson loves his country and was glad to show it. He received a standing ovation (as usual) from the crowd.

Peninsula Republican Women Federated
San Mat
eo County, CA - June 24, 2011
"Thank you for all  do to help restore values in our dear country, especially to inspire the young to love and appreciate this great and extraordinary country of ours. You are a great patriot! Keep up the good job!"  Elsie G., Menlo Park, CA

Foothills Lincoln Club
Pasadena, CA - May 13, 2011
"Just so you know, Jesse was fantastic today and received a standing ovation. So, I wanted to thank you so much for arranging this for us...My members LOVED him".

So. Bay Tea Party

South Bay Tea Party
Hermosa Beach, CA - May 9, 2011
This is the 2nd largest Tea Party group in Los Angeles, California. "He was excellent!" says Gary A. There were a lot of good questions, Rev. Peterson loves interacting with his audience, he gave them some good guidance in regards to many of their concerns including about the race card.

The Dennis Prager Club
Redondo Beach, CA - May 1, 2011

Jesse Lee was invited back for his 2nd speech to this group. They were an enthusiastic crowd, who expressed renewed hope and inspiration from hearing him speak about the current events, the upcoming election, black American's part in this and how to "Stop Obama's Socialist Change".

40 Days for Life
Reformation Rally - Los Angeles, CA - April 16, 2011

Rev Peterson spoke out on behalf of the unborn about 'Abortion: Black Genocide' to a crowd of mainly whites and hispanics, he helped to wake people up to this travesty in the black community and endeavored the people to speak out to their black friends to help wake them up too.

405/605 Tea Party

405/605 Tea Party Patriots
Conservative Patriots for Freedom and Liberty - April 13, 2011

"We had the Rev. Jesse Peterson speak at our event twice and both times he packed the house...he walks the walk and talks the talk by helping those in his community that need support, spiritually and morally". John P. Long Beach, CA

Christianity and Constitution 2011

Christianity and the Constitution 2011
 March 25, 2011 in Wichita Falls, Texas

Sponsored by Iowa Park Church of Christ and Wichita Falls Tea Party, Rev. Jesse Peterson spoke to these members after visiting the Wichita Falls Juvenile Detention Center and speaking to the detained youth, providing answers and guidance to young and old alike!

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