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BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, was founded in February of 1990 by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. Jesse grew up on a plantation in Midway, Alabama. He was raised primarily by his grandparents. Jesse’s father left at an early age, and as a result the young Jesse felt a longing for his father that he could never fulfill through external means.

As a young man, Jesse participated in the Civil Rights Movement in the state. Jesse attended an all-black school, and saw many examples of white racism, yet was never taught hatred towards white people.

At the age of eighteen, Jesse moved to Los Angeles, where he became influenced by black leaders who blamed white America for the problems of blacks, and in doing so provided an excuse for Jesse’s wrongdoing. He subsequently began a descent into a life of welfare, drug abuse and indiscriminate sex.

 By his late thirties, Jesse could see that his life was rapidly sliding downhill, though he was devoutly “religious”. One day, at the age of thirty eight, Jesse went into his “prayer closet” and contrary to his usual practice of asking and begging God for material things or desired outcomes, simply became still and listened… In that moment, his life was forever changed. Jesse saw that he harbored resentment for his parents (not the white man), which he could clearly see was holding him back in life. Seeing the original cause of his problems freed him from this life and gave him a new one.

The genesis of BOND began as Jesse started to conduct meetings to tell other black men about what he had discovered. BOND has grown to include men and women of all races, though its focus remains on rebuilding young men. 

BOND holds regularly-scheduled meetings, operates The BOND Home for Young men, Community Affordable Housing Program, Investor's Club, counseling and mentoring. In September, 2011, BOND is planning to open an educational academy for boys and girls. BOND hosts ongoing workshops and seminars, and offers individual and family counseling. It is headquartered in Los Angeles.

BOND has a reputation of being one of the most innovative, effective family and youth building organizations in the United States. The organization has over twenty years of experience assisting fathers and their families in overcoming personal and professional challenges.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (Founder and President)

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