The BOND After School Character-Building Program teaches young men aged 13-18 the attributes of character which are so critical to the success and even survival of our people, and our nation at large.

 This is a totally unique program which first models and teaches character to these young men. This is accomplished through in-depth honest dialogue with program discussion leaders; interaction with parents who participate in the program; and program textbooks which help guide the young men toward the higher aspects of character (textbooks include program administrator Jesse Lee Peterson's book, "From Rage To Responsibility"; and Booker T. Washington's classic "Up From Slavery").

 Each young man in the program is responsible to teach the attributes of character he has learned in the program to another young man. These actions help to plant seeds of character in the community.Character Building

 The BOND After School Character-Building Program transforms the lives of the young men in the program; it improves each young man's family and his surrounding community. Character is the most important characteristic in life to obtain, for it is the foundation upon which all other characteristics are added.

 For further information or to find out how you can support the BOND After School Character-Building Program, please call BOND at (323)782-1980 and ask for Patrick Rooney, Director of Development.

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