The Democratic Party does not care about black people

July 11, 2014 - 11:15am

There is this illusion that the Democratic leadership cares about black people. It's not true. Oh, there are a few well-meaning, misled individuals in the Democrat Party—but it seems only the worst of the worst make it to leadership positions. 

Look at their policies: Abortion is out of control in the black community. Black abortions outnumbered black live births in New York City in 2012 (Blacks in NYC had 31,328 abortions vs. 24,758 live births, according to NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, via Truth Revolt). 

I had a caller express concern that people in this country, especially the black community, do not cherish our children or our women. Nowhere is this more starkly shown than in abortion numbers: I have seen it at 56 million babies killed in America since Roe v. Wade. How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust? Evil has grown subtler, longer-lasting, and more sinister in our spoiled country. Blacks make up 12% of the population but 30% of abortions. Some Liberals attempt to reduce the number without morality. It won't work. It will only complicate our problems. 

Blacks are 38 million in the U.S. They have aborted well over 16 million since 1973. Hispanics are now 52 million. Democrats are working on their next voting bloc—they want amnesty for well-over 12 million illegal aliens who have replaced black workers. Black unemployment is twice as high as white unemployment. I've seen it estimated that illegals make up 5% of America's workforce. Democrats have wreaked their havoc on the black community for over half a century, buying their votes with the American taxpayer's money, and now they are tossing blacks to the side like a used prostitute. 

I recently sent out an email that included a Houston woman upset, feeling alone and helpless, protesting that Obama is asking for billions of dollars to care for illegal alien children who've overrun our system, while our own children around the country (including Obama's hometown of Chicago) are suffering and dying (thanks in part to failed Democrat policies). 

I have to admit, I blame blacks for being seduced by the Democrat Party. If they had the moral fortitude to say no to ill-gotten gain, said no to feel-good "doting mother" government taking care of them, then blacks would be on top of the world. 

They call homosexual "equality" the "new civil rights movement." Black people are old news. Their votes are secure. Their upward mobility is shot. Their role models and leadership are morally debased. Radical homosexuals and the Democrat Party use the black struggle to advance their godless agenda—and blacks are falling for it, because blacks have become godless people. 

Listen to a caring expression about Americans, particularly black Americans, from a white Alabama caller in his early 80s: 



That old man is right on. 

The foreigners that came in and influenced Israel to forget God and worship their many idols, got them to sacrifice their children and accept sexual perversions. The Kings turned to power and tyranny, the families were exploited and destroyed, and prophets were few and lamenting...
I know in Christ, we are saved, that Israel and the ideal of America were born, but look at us now, especially the churches, we are forgetting the laws and soothing with cowardly promises. 

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