Sean Hannity

BOND has played an instrumental role in helping young men and women build lives which will help inspire the next generation. BOND continues to fight the good fight standing for the values of God, family, and country, and are deserving of our support.

 Sean Hannity
    Nationally Syndicated Radio Host/Author/ BOND Advisory Board member



Walter Williams

Americans, particularly black Americans, cannot afford the luxury of allowing there to be a monopoly on ideas. I'm pleased that BOND is in there to break the monopoly and present the ideas of black Americans so long ignored or demeaned by the traditional civil rights establishment.

 Dr. Walter E. Williams
    Distinguished Professor of Economics, George Mason University/ BOND Advisory Board member



Dennis PragerIn a society that regularly confuses fame with significance, Jesse Peterson’s significance may not be readily apparent because he does not have the fame that he deserves. But this man has touched more souls more deeply than almost any famous person in America today…Jesse Peterson exemplifies two qualities rare in any age, and certainly rare in our own: a passion for truth and extraordinary courage

If the media anointed Jesse Peterson America’s spokesman on race, replacing those they have thus far anointed, whatever racial tensions America suffers would decrease to the point of virtual nonexistence…Whatever the issue, Jesse seeks truth and speaks with courage. Even on the few matters that I may not entirely agree with Jesse, he forces me to think a second and third time. He is so morally grounded and fearless that when we differ, my first reaction is to ask myself, “Where did I go wrong?”

 Dennis Prager
    Ethicist/ Author/ Nationally Syndicated Radio Host/ BOND Advisory Board member



Dennis Miller

If you’ve got a friend like Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, you’re in good shape. This guy’s doing God’s work 

 —Dennis Miller



I’m contributing to his efforts and supporting them.

—Pat Boone




Rebecca Hagelin“[Rev.] Peterson’s BOND does it one life at a time—without a dime of government money. His work is a model for any organization or church that seeks to better the lives of those caught up in the nightmare and great American tragedy that is the modern “inner city”. I urge you to learn more about the BOND program.”

Rebecca Hagelin 
   V.P. of Communications and Marketing, The Heritage Foundation

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