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The BOND Home was established in 1995 in Los Angeles. The home program was the dream of Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND, who recognized the need to help troubled young men build their lives from the ground up. The BOND Home helps young men aged 16 to 25 make the full transition into responsible manhood.


Residents of the BOND home come from foster care, group homes, juvenile detention centers, transitional housing, and sometimes the streets. More important than where each boy comes from is his attitude, and willingness to overcome his past. Prior to being accepted into the program, each applicant is evaluated to measure this willingness.

 BOND's Home is much more than just a physical shelter for young men - it is a full program, with requirements, expectations, and abundant learning opportunities.

 Residents of the home are helped to overcome anger right from the beginning. This is critical, as anger will have been the number one impediment to their happiness and success in life. To this end, they are counseled by Rev. Peterson, both individually and in group settings. The young men are tutored when needed, helped to put their finances in order, are assisted in finding and holding employment, and are guided to find their purpose in life. Those so inclined are encouraged to start businesses.Home for Young Men

 The BOND Home has been a resounding success and has transformed young men who previously had futures which held little promise. It stands as an excellent example for the surrounding community.

 There is a constant waiting list at the BOND home, with a great need for more homes like this one, as even a cursory visit to any juvenile detention center would reveal. BOND plans to start new homes as funds allow.

 Please help support THE BOND HOME today with a tax-deductible Donation. To inquire about residency in the program, call BOND's Director of Operations Patrick Rooney at (323) 782-1980. Thank you!

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