Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is Available to Speak in Your Area


I would like to put a bug in your ear - Invite Rev. Peterson to speak in your area!!!

Jesse Lee Peterson has a profound and rare gift of reaching into the hearts and minds of the people in his live audiences. He brings their conciousness to the core of what is really going on, in their individual lives, their families and in our country! Once people see the real problem, he shows them how to solve it!


He is the author of three books, one of the best counselors in the country for individuals, couples and families and is extremely well versed in what is going on in our country today.

Speaking at Pro-Life Rallies, such as the "40 Days For Life" rally he will speak at this month on the heart-wrenching topic of "Abortion: Black Genocide", also he speaks at churches around the country on the topic of "How to Overcome Anger and Break the Cycle". This speech or sermon, usually brings some people to tears, others to deep-seated revelations and still others to rejoicing for finally hearing what they always felt in their hearts, but doubted. Rev. Peterson speaks on race issues under the topic of "Uniting the Races with Truth, Instead of Dividing Them with Lies". As we all can see on the news every night, our country and the world is in racial turmoil, now more than ever! And Rev. Peterson speaks to men, women and children that are incarcerated in a way that truly rehabilitates them, he speaks to our men and women at their military bases, showing them how to deal with the future and the past that they have to endure in combat and he speaks to men and family groups, guiding them in the proper way that they must relate to eachother, their children and society as a whole, helping them to resolve any past problems that they have.  These are only a few of the types of venues that Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson takes his message to.

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