Speaking Testimonials


"I am writing with regard to Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s appearance at the University of Connecticut hosted by the UCONN College Republicans.

It was a pleasure to work with BOND in arranging the event. understanding that our group had limited funds to bring a speaker, their representatives worked hard to help us with excellent honorarium pricing, but also in finding the most reasonably priced (quality) travel and accommodations to accommodate Rev. Peterson.

It is said that “First impressions are often the truest” From the first moments when I met him at the airport, I knew that he lived what he preached. Rev. Peterson is as he says - a man of character.

Because Rev. Peterson deals with a controversial subject matter, it is natural for people to want to question him on it. This is especially true of folks that disagree with him. After giving his contractual addres, Rev. Peterson thoughtfully entertained a myriad of questions from both supporters and detractors in the audience. Further evidencing his personal Speakingdedication,, and interest in the issues at hand, Rev. Peterson generously gave in excess of an hour of his time after the event to speak with individual members of the audience one on one – something that I haven’t known any other professional speaker to do.  He went on to give myself and other executive officers and members of our chapter advice not only on how to best organize on campus, but also on life in general.

Rev. Peterson’s words had a much greater impact on our campus than other semester events we’d had. While other speakers drew (at best) a single news story and a follow-up letter to the editor, the debate about Rev. Peterson’s message continued right up to finals week – being covered several times in the campus paper, campus radio, and even in some class discussion.  Rev. Peterson is personally dedicated to bettering oursociety and educating our youth. He would be an excellent choice to address any campus or other event.

(Note: I have also compiled a collection of newspaper clippings that occurred as a result of Jesse Peterson’s speech and enclosed them for you).

Joseph D. - University of Connecticut - UCONN Finance Director - Executive Director, College Republicans (3 years in a row)

Incarceration Facilities    and     Tea Party Meeting

"I wanted to give my wholehearted thanks and endorsement to the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. My experience with Jesse Lee is truly one of the memorable events of my adult life. His message was bold, clear, godly, conservative, and irrefutably correct. Jesse Lee Peterson was at the same time humble and willing to do whatever we had slated for him—including a TV interview, a radio interview, an hour and a half session with juveniles locked in a juvenile detention facility, a fabulous talk during the Tea Party in the afternoon, then a short talk and Q&A session that same evening. It is very difficult to imagine his energy.

One of the special reasons for writing this letter is to relate to BOND one of the most remarkable aspects that occurred during Jesse Lee Peterson’s stay in Wichita Falls. After we hustled Rev. Peterson to a radio show at 7 a.m., he then volunteered to enter in the Juvenile Detention facility, meet the staff and speak with the young residents. It turned out to be one of the great events of my career working with young people. With about 20 hardened young people, some of whom have been incarcerated for violent crimes, Jesse Lee Peterson spoke to them and immediately had their attention. For an hour and a half he never lost it. A dozen or so staff members and directors were also present to witness Jesse’s handling of the issues with these youth. He emphasized getting rid of one’s anger, pointing out that one becomes just like what is our object of hatred. At one point one young 17 year old man, with tears streaming down his cheeks, confessed that Peterson was correct about harboring of hatred and anger and promised to forgive those whom he despised—his parents. Jesse encouraged the young people to speak directly to their absentee fathers or mothers, tell them how they feel , and to forgive them to find inner peace. Each and every youth there was completely riveted. As a matter of fact, we all were almost late getting Jesse Lee Peterson to the Tea Party at 11 a.m. because no one, including the Director of the Juvenile facility, wanted to stop the incredible action that we were witnessing. With kindness and love, Jesse spoke to the youth and left with me his personal cards that they might contact him later. What an outstanding man is Jesse Lee Peterson.  Thank you. 

For the Cause of Truth, Bill Lockwood - Wichita Falls, Texas 76305

Pro-Life Groups

Dear Rev. Peterson,

My wife and I attended the Crossroads Pregnancy Center Annual Fundraiser Conference in Guthrie, Oklahoma and heard you speak.  That was the most truth I have heard in I cannot remember when. Please continue to spread the truth! God bless your efforts!  

An old white guy - Crossroads Pregnancy Center - Guthrie, OklahomaSpeaking

Conservative Organizations

“Last night was probably the best meeting I ever attended. First we met Nancy Pelosi’s formidable opponent and then there was Jesse Lee.  Jesse Lee is every bit as out spoken and right to the point as Rush. His positive attitude and faith in God was truly inspiring.”

Cathy G. - Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley - Silicon Valley, California


“ Jesse Lee Peterson was outstanding. He was on target with his message, humorous and entertaining. ”  

Richard G. - Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley                                                                   

Tea Party Groups

Tea Party Leaders:  Some of you know that the Hancock Park Patriots hosted Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson as a guest speaker at our last meeting. Wow! His message of not being afraid to tell the truth, even if you know that people are going to call you names like "racist." He wisely said that those are just words, and they have no power over us if we don't let them have any power. Our members were really inspired by the Reverend.

I highly recommend that you have Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson speak at your tea party groups. His message is one that needs to be heard by all people who identify with the tea party movement. His ideas in action will help us fight the racism charge that we all know to be a total fabrication. And it will empower all who hear him to be much more self-expressed about their political views. Every tea party should hear Rev. Peterson's message.

Mark S. - City Coordinator, Hancock Park Patriots

"Wow.  Your speech to the group was inspiring.  I started reading your book “SCAM” this morning, and already I can Speakingsee the depth of your observations. I think, as a “typical white” person, I am going to learn a lot from you.  I have always assumed the likes of Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and the whole troupe of contemporary Black “leaders” were the Representatives of Black Truth.  Listening to you, I realize there is an alternate reality. Something tells me I am in for a real education! If there is anything I can do to help the cause, please contact me.  It is good to know there are people out there, like yourself, exposing the Truth".

Len T. - 405/605 Tea Party - Pasadena, California


"If you want to hear the truth, listen to Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. He can tell you the truth in many different ways. We had the Rev. speak at our 405-605 Tea Party patriots group twice and both times he packed the house. Rev. Jesse is a true Patriot who loves this country and is doing what most people will not do. He speaks the truth out loud so everyone can hear him. He is not afraid to challenge Black Leaders or any other leader who is leading our country down the wrong path. The Rev. walks the walk and talks the talk by helping those in his community that need support, spiritually and morally".

John P. - 405/605 Tea Party - Conservative Patriots for Freedom and Liberty                                


“I attended the 405/605 Tea Party meeting where you spoke…Thank you…It is refreshing and inspiring to hear the truth spoken with such passion and commitment”.

Kathy I. - 406/605 Tea Party - Conservative Patriots for Freedom and Liberty

Churches & Religious Groups

"We enjoyed having Rev. Peterson speak at “The Challenge of Change” conference this year. He received several ovations during his message and a standing ovation when he finished. He was great!"

R. M. - Salt & Light Ministries Calvary Chapel - Costa Mesa, California


"Jesse was powerfully used of God here yesterday - I'm so glad that he came. It was obvious that he touched many hearts with his testimony of the power of forgiveness. I personally heard several people tell our media ministry that they couldn't wait for his sermon to be posted! You should have seen it! The line to talk with him was the longest I'd ever seen it... God was at work!"

Linda B. - Bel Air Presbyterian Church          (Ronald Reagan's Church)

America vs Radical Islamists - Groups

"I heard your address at the ACT meeting in Calabasas last night. It was excellent. I drove an hour and a half just to hear you, and I wasn’t disappointed. Your ‘truth” is a valuable weapon in the fight against Islamization of Black Americans. I just hope more people hear your message across the U.S."

Chris C. - ACT for America


"Jesse..Just wanted to tell you what a delight it was to meet you and hear you at the Calabasas ACT for America meeting the other night..You are so wise and give all of us hope that we can change things for the better."

Susan H. - Calabasas ACT for America  


Lincoln Clubs

"The Rev was so outstanding last night! I feel really fortunate to know him and am writing to thank you for helping to introduce him to our group. We had about the biggest turnout we have had since we started getting together more than a year ago and everyone learned quite a bit….Please let me know how I can support your good work in the future".

Peter B. - Lincoln Club


"Sherrie, Just so you know, Jesse was fantastic today and received a standing ovation. So, I wanted to thank you so much for arranging this for us. I so appreciate you helping me. My members LOVED him".

Bonnie T. - Foothills Lincoln Club

Republican Conferences

"Thank you so much for all you do to help restore values in our dear country, especially to inspire the young to love and appreciate this great and extraordinary country of ours. You are a great patriot! Keep up the good job!

God bless you,  
Elsie Gufler (President) Peninsula Republican Women Federated


"Wow! Did you blow these people away with your wonderful, honest speech, everyone enjoyed you. I hope people wake up to the cause. I will be spreading the news of such a good spokesman such as you to other organizations. You are a rare “Jewel” not too many think as strongly and as independently as you. Thanks again for the privilege of having you speak at our club."

Eve Doyle - Woodland Hills Republic Women Federated


"How can we thank you enough for the wonderful presentation you gave at our March meeting! It was challenging and inspiring at the same time. All of our members were greatly impressed. (Our attendance was up quite a bit due to your being our featured speaker!)."

Glenda G., First Vice President - San Gorgonio Pass Republican Women Federated


"Your address to our GOP club was an awakening. You are a wise man."

Lorraine W. - Long Beach GOP

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